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'The only place where modern man does not like to visit - is himself. He cannot hear the silence, he does not want to hear the voice of his conscience. But without knowing yourself you can not know God. Modern man lives in a shadowy world of TV, the media, the Internet, but the greatest reality in the world is the human soul. Inside we can open up the kingdom of heaven, in our heart God wants to be born!”[Bishop Panteleimon (Shatov)-21st Century Russian Hierarch]
Sts. Peter and Febronia
Artist: Alexander Prostev
Saint Elizabeth, the Great Duchess of Russia
An amazing photo! A guy is kissing humbly the hand of an Eastern Orthodox priest. That’s a proof that looks don’t matter at all, our soul does :)

Saint Xenia of St. Petersburg please pray for us!!!! <3
Talanton or Toaca, is a wooden board instrument to call worshipers to prayer in the Orthodox Church. It is used especially at monasteries.
Elder Paisios of Mount Athos <3

Greek Orthodox church in the Mili gorge, Crete.